Are Organic Foods Healthier and Safer than Conventional Foods?

Are Organic Foods Healthier and Safer than Conventional Foods?


Organic foods are made without chemical pesticides and other harmful toxins. These toxins have been linked to cancer, but are still widely used in commercial farming. Organic foods produced in organic farms are chemical free which is much safer and, in fact, potentially healthier overall, than the non-organic variety.

Vitamins and Nutrients

The human body needs certain vitamins and nutrients from food to survive and then to thrive. The more essential nutrients you get from your food, the healthier you’ll be overall. Both commercial and organic foods contain the same amount of calories, vitamins and other nutrients. In this regard, organic foods aren’t healthier – they are nutritiously equal. It is what is not included in the organic varieties that make a difference in overall health.

Fertilizers and Pesticides

When grown commercially, there is a huge amount of pesticides and fertilizers used on plant products. Commercially raised animals are often subjected to many growth hormones and routine antibiotics as well. These chemicals pass through the food or meat product and wind up on your plate and even in your child’s baby food. While there is the same amount of vitamin C in an orange produced commercially and one produced organically, by eating the orange produced without chemicals, you are not ingesting chemical fungicides, pesticides and insecticides. In addition to taking fewer carcinogens into your body, you are also likely to enjoy the flavor of the organic orange much more.

More Flavorful

The flavor of organically grown foods is often more appealing. This is due to the balancing of the soil that must take place to grow the plants. The organic foods are grown using natural methods of fertilization and the care and effort that goes into the production makes the foods more delicious and more enticing. Making foods tastier encourages those who are reluctant to eat a healthy diet to try new things and to increase their health overall.

Maintaining Safety

While organic foods contain fewer dangers to the human body than commercially prepared items, you must still use good practices of cleanliness and safety when preparing food. Buy organic foods that have been certified as organic to ensure they are using natural methods correctly. For example, improper composting of manure can offer health risks as the manure is used as fertilizer in organic gardening. Meat products such as chicken or beef must still be handled carefully as they can contain the same salmonella and other bacteria as commercially prepared foods.

To ensure that organic foods are always the healthiest option, be sure to handle and cook meat properly by washing your hands and work surfaces thoroughly. Fruits and vegetables should be washed before eating as well. Peel and wash the fruits and vegetables that don’t seem to come clean. Rest assured you’ll enjoy the peace of mind when you know you are doing your health good rather than harming it.

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