Aura Essential Oils For Concentration, Productivity And Clarity

Aura Essential Oils For Concentration, Productivity And Clarity

Around two years ago I started consulting with people 1-on-1. I do sessions that last, in general, throughout the day. They might go anywhere from 6 to 10 hours and they’re very intense. The sessions are entirely wholistic (i.e. they cover all elements of your life) and very focused. In other words – they take every ounce of energy you’ve got!

What I found was that people were having trouble staying focused and energized for that entire time. People would start to wander after only a few hours, getting drowsy and overwhelmed in the afternoons. I had to do something!

A friend of mine, who happened to be in the intuitive healing business, recommended that I use aromatherapy to fix my problem. She suggested that the oils themselves would help people with the concentration, focus and clarity.

Aura Essential Oils – The Effect on Me —

Please understand that I have absolutely no training in aromatherapy, essential oils or auras. The only thing I’m really interested in is results. The question was – would the essential oils make any difference?

So I wandered down to the shops to take a look. I must say there’s a massive variety of essential oils out there. It’s a little overwhelming. It took a lot of experimentation to find the ones that I actually use now.

Aura Essential Oils – What does that Mean? —

And here’s my little secret. The ones I like are aura essential oils. I’ll talk about auras later – what they are and how it all works. For now, all I’ll say is that I have a set of seven essential oils; one for each aura color. That way I can pick and choose what feels like the right blend for the day. Or better yet – I have the client do it!

When I found the right ones, however, there was an instant transformation. Simply put, I feel clearer, more grounded and focused when I’ve got the right essential oils in the air around me. It’s sort of amazing!

Aura Essential Oils – What are the different types?

It turns out that I like essential oils that are matched to each different aura center or chakra in your body. Here is a quick list –

– Red – is the base chakra. This is all about things happening in the physical world and being grounded.

– Orange – is the sacral chakra. This is all about creativity which makes sense because it’s where you create babies, right?!

– Yellow – is the solar plexus chakra. You’ll here people talk about chi – or energy – around this chakra.

– Green – is the heart chakra. This is all about love and emotions.

– Blue – is the throat chakra. This is all about communication and connection which makes sense because this is where your voice is based, yes?!

– Indigo – is the third eye chakra. This is all about intuition and balance.

– Violet – is the crown chakra. This is all about connection to spirit or you might say oneness with God. It’s about peace and access to higher wisdom.

Aura Essential Oils – The Effect on Them —

Of course the biggest effect was in the clients. As I mentioned, I have them select their own aura essential oil blend at the beginning of the session. Now my clients last all day!

The whole exercise has made a believer out of me.

Aura Essential Oils – Wrapping Up —

So I figured – ‘Hey – if this is such a good thing – why not tell the world!’ And that’s why I’ve created this site. To pass on what I’ve learned to other people – people just like you!

I hope you get as much out of this as I have.

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