Can Organic Foods Reduce Your Risk of Cancer?

Can Organic Foods Reduce Your Risk of Cancer?

You may have heard various stories about organic foods being much better for you. Others will tell you that they don’t offer any more nutrition than traditionally grown foods. The conflicting information out there definitely leaves most consumers unsure about what they should be buying. While it is a personal choice, many experts also believe that organic foods can reduce your risk of cancer.                                                              

Traditionally grown foods continue to expose people to more and more unhealthy toxins.

When you think about organic foods, mainly fruits and vegetables come to mind. A diet that has plenty of them on a daily basis is important for overall health and growth. This is why so many parents give these items to their children as part of meals and health snacks. Many of them have antioxidants to flush toxins from the body.

However, you may not realize that many of them also contain large amounts of toxins. Growing foods that look great isn’t always an easy feat. The growers use herbicides to keep weeds and other problems from absorbing nutrients in the same soil. They also use pesticides to prevent critters out there from feeding on their crops.

The residue that remains on these food products doesn’t all come off when they are produced. They also remain after you have washed them in your own home. As a result, what we think we are eating and giving our children to make everyone healthier could actually be leading to serious health problems including cancer.

Some people assume that the risk is very low since some herbicides and pesticides are now banned. That doesn’t mean what is being used to replace them is much better. In fact, it could be just a matter of time before others commonly used are added to that very list of banned products.

You also need to realize that plants and pests are able to build up a resistance to those chemicals used. As a result the growers have to either use more of them to get the results they want or they have to use stronger chemicals. The result of that though is the average person is consuming more toxins than they should and more than they did in the past.

When you have toxins in your body it can make your immune system weaker. It also makes the rest of your body have to work harder.

Cancer is the formation of cells that have been duplicated with errors in them from healthy cells. It is very possible the toxins from foods consumed are what leads to those errors.

If it is believed that organic foods can reduce the risk of cancer, why isn’t more testing done? The problem is that there are so many different types of cancer out there that a person can be diagnosed with. There are also tons of variables that can be a trigger for cancer. Some of them include diet but others don’t such as genetic factors and environmental factors. It is extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the cancer a person is diagnosed with.

Yet when you evaluate the fact that organic foods taste great and that they don’t expose you to different forms of pesticides and herbicides then you can already see the overall health benefits. While these foods may not offer you any more nutritional value they are going to reduce the amount of toxins that you take into your body.

Consuming them is just one more way that you can strive to have as healthy of a lifestyle as possible. Traditionally grown foods continue to expose people to more and more unhealthy toxins. That could definitely be the reason why there are more people including children being diagnosed with cancer today than ever before.

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