Effective Herbal Remedies For Constipation And Hard Stool

Effective Herbal Remedies For Constipation And Hard Stool

Constipation and hard stool is a common digestive disorder that can affect any people of any age group. In this problem, the sufferer will have trouble to pass stools and may even have to put too much sprain to empty the hard stools. The problem of constipation and hard stools can be very frustrating and require proper treatment and remedies to get rid of it. The symptoms of constipation and hard stool are problem in stool passage as well as there may be depression, bad breath, headache, heart burn acne, dark circles under the eyes, acidity, mouth ulcer, arthritis, high blood pressure, and insomnia.

There may be various causes for constipation. Some of the causes are insufficient intake of water, faulty diet, lack of physical activity, irregular habit of defecation, weakness of abdominal muscles and stress. There are many herbal remedies for hard stool and constipation by improving the functionality of digestive system. These herbal remedies are very easy and simple to follow and are very powerful. You can use these effective herbal remedies constipation and hard stool, like Arozyme capsules, without any fear of side effect; because these herbal remedies are purely made of natural ingredients.

Along with the use of Arozyme you can use some other effective herbal remedies for constipation and hard stools such as:

1.  You can constantly use lemon as herbal remedy for constipation and hard stools. Always drink lemon water firstly in the morning on an empty abdomen. You can drink lemon water in the evening also.

2. Flax seed contains many medicinal belongings along with plenty of fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids. Flaxseed has laxative property also which can be very helpful in curing very serious cases of constipation.

3. Castor oil can also be used as a remedy for constipation. But you should not follow this remedy for long time because it can cause side effects also.

4. Many times the reason behind constipation and hard stools is lack of fiber in the diet. Fiber is a material that binds to water within the intestine. To remove the problem of constipation, you should eat high fiber foods such as green leafy vegetables, beans, peas, fresh fruits, carrots, potatoes, brown rice, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, prunes, nuts, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, and so on.

5. It is very important to drink enough (at least eight to ten glasses daily) water for removing problem of constipation. For getting better result you should try to drink water in the morning which has been kept overnight in a copper pot. Along with water you can drink fruit juice and fresh vegetable juice also. You must avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine to get a good result.

6. Spinach, molasses, cabbage, figs and grapes are also very beneficial in treating the problem of constipation.

7. Arozyme capsules are the best effective herbal remedies for constipation and hard stools. It is highly suggested to take Arozyme capsules two times a day with water or milk regularly for two to three months for getting a better result.

So all these remedies used with Arozyme capsule are very beneficial for treatment of constipation and hard tools.

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