Organic Foods: Better Or Not? What The Research Is Showing

Organic Foods: Better Or Not? What The Research Is Showing

Organic foods are the ones which are grown without any use of artificial fertilizers. It refrains from using pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones, genetic engineering or antibiotics. Organic food is the culmination for organic farming, which employs traditional techniques and crop rotation to maintain fertility in soil and pests free crop.

There are great health benefits that one can get by simply including organic food in our diets. Organic food is not only good for our health but is also beneficial to our environmental health due to the methods used to produce them.

Given below are some points which highlights “why organic foods are better”

Consumption of organic foods boosts energy levels as it contains less toxins and chemicals which are harmful to human body.

They contain higher levels of nutrients which are essential to fight infections thus making your body resistant to diseases.


They are also proved to be beneficial in fighting chronic health disorders which are on a constant rise in society today.

Non-organic fruit contains 30 various pesticides even after washing which may prove fatal to you health unlike organic fruit which is pesticide free.

Organic food producers are inspected more often as compared to other food producers. So in order to meet the requirements they have to follow strict guidelines and tandards.

In organic dairy animals are not fed drugs, chemicals and growth hormones unlike non-organic dairy where these artificial things are used, the effects of which are finally passed on to the people when they consume it.

As production of organic food does not contain use of artificial pesticides or drugs which are harmful to soil, they are considered environmental friendly.

Studies have also revealed that organic foods are not genetically modified. Genetically modified products pose a serious threat to animals as well as human beings.

They are safe and natural to eat as they are not filled with harmful additives and chemicals which are harmful for human body.

In spite of immense popularity of organic food in recent times, organic farmers are still facing some challenges. Firstly in comparison to conventional food items, organic food is more fast perishable by nature as it does not use any preservatives or pesticides. This calls for a burden on producers to sell the goods as soon as possible in markets. On the other hand for customers it becomes a thumb rule to purchase organic food in small quantities and fill the stocks on a regular basis. Secondly the market for organic foods is still not developed much.

The need of the hour is to create awareness about organic foods and to build marketing and technical infrastructure to meet the demand of consumers as well as producers. Thirdly organic foods are more costly to grow as compared to conventional food items available in market. This high cost of producing organic food is finally borne by customer in the form of increased prices of these goods in the market.

If you decide to go for organic foods, at least make sure make sure the USDA stamp is printed on the package.


Do you purchase or grow your own organic foods please comment below.

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