Toothache Pain Clove Herbal Remedy

Whole Cloves

Toothache Pain Clove Herbal Remedy

Clove Toothache Compress for Pain Relief

There are 3 forms in which you can use cloves to numb your aching nerve: Ground or

powdered, whole cloves, or clove oil. A clove oil compress seems to work the best,

especially if you’re too sore to put whole ones in your mouth.

Toothache Pain?  Cloves to the rescue – ground – powdered – whole cloves
 or clove oil.

Ground Cloves: This is something that a lot of people have in their kitchen. First, rinse your

mouth with warm salt water and wash your hands. Take a pinch of the ground cloves and

apply it between the gum that is sore and your cheek. Your spit does the trick now, just

wait while it mixes with the powder. The pain should subside rather quickly.

Whole Cloves: Rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Take 2 or 3 cloves and hold them in

your mouth as close to the sore area as possible, and wait a few minutes until they start to

soften. When they do get softer chew them lightly to release more of the oils, if you’re

not too sore.

Clove Oil Toothache Compress

Probably the most effective way to use to clove to help your toothache is to make a


You will need…

Clove essential oil

Cotton balls

1/2 teaspoon of olive oil

Cotton swabs (optional)


Rinse your mouth with warm salt water to get it nicely flushed out. By doing this

beforehand, you’re allowing the oil to do its job the very best it can since there’s nothing

to block it or make it hard to sink down into the sore spot.

Mix a few drops of clove essential oil with ½ teaspoon of olive oil. Thoroughly soak a

cotton ball in this mixture and then hold it gently but firmly against the sore tooth or gum.

If you wanted to take a shortcut, you could try putting some of the oil on a cotton swab

and dabbing it directly where it hurts, however, jabbing a cotton swab onto a hurting

tooth or gum may not be too comfortable.

Have you ever used cloves to relieve a toothache, let me know in the comments section below.

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